A patio privacy wall can enhance the comfort of your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking for privacy in your backyard or to add outdoor privacy on a restaurant patio…

You’ve got lots of options!

patio privacy wall

First, we’ll explore some common design options.

Then, we’ll look at a DIY kit that offers unlimited creative options.

So you can build the perfect patio privacy wall for your outdoor space.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Patio Privacy Wall?

A patio privacy wall is a structure designed to reduce visibility into a patio area from neighboring properties or public spaces.

Sometimes called an outdoor privacy screen…

A patio wall is designed to create a more intimate, private outdoor living space where people can relax, dine, or entertain without feeling exposed.

Rooftop Horizontal Wood Slat

Design and material choices depend on your preferences, the style of the home or business.

And surrounding landscape design.

A privacy wall is designed to improve the outdoor experience and provide privacy.

Common Privacy Wall Materials

Patio privacy walls can be made from various materials.

Such as metal, wood, vinyl, composite, stone, brick, or even living plants (like a hedge or vertical garden).

They can be freestanding, mounted directly to the patio, or attached to other structures.

The DIY privacy wall kit we will look at combines a metal frame with any infill material you can imagine…

To create the exact look you want.

But first let’s look at some typical privacy wall options.

Wooden Privacy Screens

Wooden screens are timeless and blend seamlessly with natural surroundings. Consider lattice designs, horizontal slats, or even reclaimed wood for an eco-friendly touch. Paint them in soothing colors or let them weather naturally for that rustic charm.

Wood Privacy Wall for Patio

Metal Privacy Panels

Metal screens add an industrial edge to your patio. Choose corrugated metal panels, or opt for laser-cut patterns that cast intriguing shadows during the day and create a cozy ambiance at night. Here’s a wall-mounted decorative metal panel around a sitting area outside a restaurant.

Decorative Metal Laser Cut Wildlife Fence Design

PVC Privacy Wall Panels

Several sources for PVC privacy panels exist. Vinyl is a great material that offers a low-maintenance option for fencing and privacy. Vinyl resists rot and weathers well.

White Vinyl Privacy Fence Metal Posts

Composite Patio Privacy

Composite is another low-maintenance material that offer a modern, sleek look to your patio with superior durability. Choose from a variety of colors and designs that mimic natural wood texture or unique patterns to personalize your space.

Fencetrac Vertical Commercial Privacy Fence

Living Privacy Walls

Why not let nature do the work? Plant climbing vines like jasmine, clematis, or ivy against a trellis or wire mesh. As they grow, they’ll create a living green wall that not only provides privacy but also attracts birds and butterflies.

green garden patio wall

Rock Privacy Wall

Adding a rock privacy wall to your patio is definitely a unique option for your outdoor space. These walls, made from meticulously arranged stones, offer privacy and also add a touch of rugged elegance.

Rock Patio Privacy Wall

Modern Privacy Wall Design Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics about material selection.

Let’s look at some modern privacy wall design ideas that are built using the FenceTrac system.

You can re-create any of the wall designs we’ve already covered using this DIY kit.

Let’s take a closer look at some privacy wall projects built with FenceTrac.

Horizontal Wood Privacy Wall

Horizontal wood fencing is becoming the go-to design for modern fencing. When building an outdoor privacy wall or patio privacy fence, wood makes a great choice for its warmth and familiarity. Choose a wood stain to protect and enhance the look of your fence.

Horizontal Wood Privacy Fence

Metal & Slat Privacy Wall

If you need semi-privacy, consider building a patio screen with horizontal slats. A horizontal slat privacy wall has spaces between the planks offering partial privacy. When choosing slats, you may want to consider LuxeCore premium composite fence planks for its rigidity and resistance to warping.

Semi-private Enclosure Wall

Metal & Bamboo Privacy Screen

Bamboo is the ultimate privacy warrior. It grows fast, looks exotic, and provides excellent coverage. Install bamboo panels horizontally or vertically for an instant tropical vibe. Bamboo is a durable long-lasting natural material that creates unique ambience wherever it is installed. A metal frame to hold the bamboo is the best way to hold it all together.

Bamboo Patio Privacy Fence Design

A Better Way to Build a Patio Privacy Wall

The FenceTrac DIY fence system offers unlimited design possibilities for your patio wall.

Install any rigid infill into the U-shaped metal frame of our patented fence panel system.

FenceTrac Assembly Detail

Side channels bolt to each post with self-tapping screws.


The infill material easily slides into the U-shaped FenceTrac fence panel frame that sits between each post.

The top and bottom channels attach to the side channels to hold everything together.

Each four-piece privacy wall panel assembles with just four bolts.


Black LuxeCore Composite Horizontal Fence Under Construction

FenceTrac accommodates infill materials of up to 1-inch thick.

Whether your outdoor space calls for composite slats or hog wire fencing, FenceTrac can accommodate.

Design your patio privacy wall with vertical or horizontal slats.

With your patio wall kit…

We offer cedar wood, PVC, and composite infill options shipped direct to you.

If you’re feeling super creative, feel free to supply their own infill as well.

Mounting Options for Privacy Wall

Your FenceTrac privacy wall can be mounted to a concrete or rigid surface by a few different methods.

Fence Post Bolted to Retaining Wall

Surface Mount Posts

Fence Post in Poured Concrete Wall

Embedded Posts

You could also install posts into the ground on the outside edges of your patio.

Patio Wall Panel Inspiration

Design your patio privacy wall exactly how you want. Below are a few creative infill options we’ve seen.

Wood Slat Fence
PVC Panel Fence
Luxecore Composite Fence Tropical Teak
Luxecore Composite Fence Harbor Gray
Louvered Wood Slat Fence
Galvanized Pipe Metal
Galvanized Pipe Metal Black
Galvanized Corrugated Metal
Galvanized Corrugated Metal Black
  • Western red cedar
  • Eastern red cedar
  • Cypress boards
  • Treated pine
  • Ipe boards
  • Wood pallets
  • Barn wood
  • Vinyl planks
  • Composite planks
  • PVC planks
  • Hardie board
  • Metal screen
  • Wood rails
  • Black slats
  • White slats
  • Metal sheets
  • Metal panels
  • Perforated metal
  • Etched metal
  • Lattice panels
  • Wood & iron
  • Welded wire
  • Cattle panels
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Corrugated metal
  • Ribbed metal
  • Stone veneer panels
  • Brick veneer panels
  • Bamboo
  • Wrought iron

Patio Privacy Idea Gallery

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Whether you’re sipping a mojito, practicing yoga, or hosting a barbecue, your patio should be your private oasis.

So, go ahead.

Build that patio privacy wall, and reclaim your outdoor sanctuary.

Create a space that reflects your style and brings you joy.

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