Receiving Your Shipment

LTL ShippingWe are excited you’ve chosen FenceTrac for your next project!

And when it comes to shipping, it’s important to us that you know what to expect so you can plan for the day you receive your shipment.

FenceTrac products are packed and crated for protection during transit. To provide you the most competitive freight cost, most shipments are sent via LTL (less than load) freight, where your shipment is combined with packages from other shippers on a full-size semi truck trailer. To receive your shipment, you may need to pick it up at the shipping company’s local terminal.

Our Responsibility

FenceTrac will palletize and crate your order for protection during transit. We shop competitive rates from third-party shipping companies to get you the best price. We pass through shipping costs without markup.

For most orders, we request liftgate delivery.

Liftgates allow the driver to offload certain packages from the truck to ground level. However, most shippers do not guarantee liftgate delivery for pallets and crates over 6′ long. Due to the size of our products, most of our shipments exceed this limitation.

For that reason, last mile delivery is not guaranteed.

Below are some photos of a typical fence shipment with crated frame kits, posts and pallets of infill materials. 

Typical FenceTrac Shipment
Crated Posts
Crated Frame Kits
Pallets of Infill Cedar

Shipper’s Responsibility

Due to package sizes, LTL freight differs from traditional shipping (UPS, FedEx) in that these shipments require a forklift or liftgate for loading and unloading. If the shipper is able to offload your shipment with a liftgate, it will be offloaded at the curb. LTL delivery does not include front door or yard delivery. If the shipper determines your order cannot be unloaded with a liftgate, it will need to be picked up at their terminal.

Your Responsibility

To receive your shipment, you may need to pick it up at the local terminal. You’ll need a trailer or truck suitable for this purpose. If you have questions about crate or pallet sizes, don’t hesitate to ask. If the shipping company can use a liftgate to offload your shipment, you’ll need to have someone onsite to sign for delivery. The driver will not unpack crates or pallets and will not transport shipments beyond the curb.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (918) 794-8722. 

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