11 Reasons Why a Horizontal Composite Fence May be Perfect for your Property

Published June 18, 2024 | Last updated June 18, 2024

In the realm of modern design and landscaping, a horizontal composite fence stands out as a versatile and stylish option for property owners seeking a balance of aesthetics and functionality.

8-Foot Horizontal Composite Metal Fence Teak

Combining the natural appeal of wood with the durability of composite materials, these fences offer a plethora of benefits that make them a perfect fit for both residential and commercial spaces.

The trend of horizontal fence design has been on the rise, capturing the attention of homeowners, architects, and landscapers alike.

Its sleek and contemporary look adds a touch of sophistication to any property, setting it apart from traditional vertical fences.

With attributes such as impact resistance, rot resistance, and minimal upkeep requirements…

A horizontal composite fence is more than just a boundary; it’s a statement piece that can elevate the overall look and value of your property.

Let’s explore the myriad reasons why a horizontal composite fence could be the ideal addition to your residential or commercial space.

What is a Horizontal Composite Fence?

A horizontal composite fence represents a modern innovation in the world of fencing, combining the best of both natural aesthetics and durable synthetic materials.

This type of fence is crafted from a blend of recycled wood fibers and plastic, resulting in a strong and long-lasting product that mimics the look of traditional wood without the drawbacks.

Black LuxeCore Composite Horizontal Fence Patio Pool Privacy

The composite material used in these fences offers remarkable strength and resilience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low-maintenance, high-quality fencing solution.

Unlike conventional wood fences that may warp, rot, or require frequent staining and sealing, horizontal composite fences provide a hassle-free alternative that requires minimal upkeep.

A horizontal composite fence embodies the combination of style and substance, offering property owners a durable, attractive, and sustainable fencing solution that can stand the test of time.

1. Horizontal Fence Design is Hot Right Now

The trend of horizontal fence design has taken over the fencing world. 

Horizontal Metal Frame Privacy Fence

Its sleek, modern look adds a touch of sophistication to any property.

It’s become a popular choice for those looking to enhance curb appeal.

2. Composite Fence Planks Can Last Decades

Composite fence planks are known for their longevity.

LuxeCore Horizontal Privacy Fence

With proper installation and minimal maintenance…

These fences can withstand the test of time, offering a durable solution for your property.

3. Composite Fencing Requires No Maintenance

Unlike traditional wood fences that require staining, painting, or sealing…

Composite fencing is virtually maintenance-free.

LuxeCore Neighborhood Privacy Fence

You can say goodbye to the hassle of regular upkeep and enjoy a fence that looks great year after year!

4. Get a Stained Wood Look Without Staining

Love the look of stained wood fences but not the upkeep?

LuxeCore Wood and Metal Fence

Horizontal composite fences mimic the appearance of stained wood without the need for staining!

That’s a hassle-free alternative.

5. Create Semi-privacy With Horizontal Composite

Horizontal composite fencing offers a balance of privacy and openness.

Horizontal Slat Fence

An ideal choice for creating semi-private spaces in your backyard, around pool areas, or on patios.

6. Composite Planks are Impact Resistant

Composite planks are designed to withstand impact. 

Dumpster Enclosure Metal Frame Privacy Fence

It’s a practical choice for areas prone to harsh weather conditions or accidental bumps.

7. Composite Planks are Rot Resistant

Say goodbye to worries about rotting fences.

Horizontal Fencetrac Privacy Fence All Black

Composite fences are rot-resistant!

You are ensured that your fence stays strong and durable even in damp environments.

8. Composite Boards do Not Warp Like Wood

One of the drawbacks of traditional wooden fences is warping over time.

Horizontal Privacy Fence Under Construction

Composite boards, however, maintain their shape and structure.

It’s definitely a consistent and visually appealing fence.

9. Composite is Eco-friendly & Recyclable

Made from recycled materials, composite fencing is an eco-friendly option for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Commercial Privacy Gate


Many composite materials are recyclable, adding to their sustainability.

10. Horizontal Composite Fencing Offers Long-term Value

Investing in a horizontal composite fence is not just a short-term improvement but a long-term investment.

Privacy Fence with Composite Wood

Enjoy the benefits of a durable, low-maintenance fence that adds value to your property for years to come.

11. Composite Fencing May Increase Property Value

Aesthetically pleasing and durable fencing can enhance the overall value of your property.

Double Fence Horizontal Privacy Fence & Metal Fence

A horizontal composite fence adds a touch of sophistication and modernity.

That would potentially increase the resale value of your home or commercial space!

Residential Horizontal Composite Fence Uses

Residential properties can benefit immensely from the versatility and functionality of horizontal composite fences.

These fences serve various purposes, from enhancing privacy to adding a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces.

One of the most common residential uses of horizontal composite fences is to create boundaries around properties, providing a clear demarcation while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

These fences can seamlessly blend with the existing architecture of a home, offering a modern and sophisticated look that complements the surroundings.

Horizontal No Gaps Pool Privacy Fence

Whether for creating a safe play area for children or pets, adding privacy for outdoor gatherings, or simply enhancing the visual appeal of the backyard, horizontal composite fences provide a versatile solution.


These fences are well-suited for enclosing pool areas, providing both safety and privacy while maintaining a sleek and contemporary look.

Patio privacy screens are another common use of horizontal composite fences in residential settings, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces without compromising on privacy or style.

Commercial Horizontal Composite Fence Uses

Commercial properties can benefit greatly from the practicality and aesthetic appeal of horizontal composite fences.

These versatile fencing solutions are ideal for a range of applications, from defining property boundaries to enhancing security and improving the overall look of the premises.

Commercial Privacy Fence Gate With Automatic Opener

Horizontal composite fences offer a modern and sophisticated appearance that can elevate the commercial ambiance while providing functional benefits.

One common commercial use of horizontal composite fences is for patios and outdoor dining areas.

These fences not only help in defining the space but also contribute to creating a welcoming and stylish environment for patrons.

Property boundaries can also be effectively defined using horizontal composite fences in commercial spaces.

By installing these fences along the property line, businesses can create a clear separation between their property and neighboring areas while enhancing security and privacy.

All in all…

The modern and durable nature of horizontal composite fences makes them a versatile choice for various commercial applications, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits to businesses.

Watch Horizontal Composite Fence Assembly Video

A Better Way to Design Your Horizontal Composite Fence

The FenceTrac fence system offers unlimited fence design possibilities for your horizontal composite fence.

Our patented fence panel system includes a U-shaped framework into which infill materials can be placed.

This system allows you choose the materials and colors you want to go into the fence panel frame.

FenceTrac Assembly Detail

Side channels bolt to each post with self-tapping screws.


The infill material easily slides into the U-shaped FenceTrac fence panel frame that sits between each post.

The top and bottom channels attach to the side channels to hold everything together.

Each four-piece panel assembles with just four bolts.

Easier to build than live fencing.

Design a Retaining Wall Fence

FenceTrac accommodates infill materials of up to 1-inch thick.

Design your fence with vertical or horizontal slats.

We offer cedar wood and PVC infill options shipped with your kit, but some property owners supply their own infill as well.

Wood Slat Fence
PVC Panel Fence
Luxecore Composite Fence Tropical Teak
Luxecore Composite Fence Harbor Gray
Louvered Wood Slat Fence
Galvanized Pipe Metal
Galvanized Pipe Metal Black
Galvanized Corrugated Metal
Galvanized Corrugated Metal Black
  • Western red cedar
  • Eastern red cedar
  • Cypress boards
  • Treated pine
  • Ipe boards
  • Wood pallets
  • Barn wood
  • Vinyl planks
  • Composite planks
  • PVC planks
  • Hardie board
  • Metal screen
  • Wood rails
  • Black slats
  • White slats
  • Metal sheets
  • Metal panels
  • Perforated metal
  • Etched metal
  • Lattice panels
  • Wood & iron
  • Welded wire
  • Cattle panels
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Corrugated metal
  • Ribbed metal
  • Stone veneer panels
  • Brick veneer panels
  • Bamboo
  • Wrought iron

Horizontal Composite Fence Idea Gallery


The appeal of horizontal composite fences lies not only in their modern design and durability but also in their versatility for both residential and commercial properties.

Whether you like to have a sophisticated black commercial privacy fence or build a tall privacy fence for your residential property, the composite fence is highly recommended.

It is a stronger, longer-lasting and eco-friendly fencing material you can trust.

These fences offer a winning combination making them a popular choice for property owners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

From backyard boundaries to commercial property perimeters, horizontal composite fences serve a range of purposes while adding aesthetic value to any setting.

For those considering embarking on fencing projects, partnering with FenceTrac can elevate the entire process.

FenceTrac is a leading provider of innovative fencing systems that offer a customizable, versatile, and durable solution for all your fencing needs.

With FenceTrac, you can bring your fencing vision to life, whether you’re looking to install a horizontal composite fence for your home or business.

Elevate your property with a horizontal composite fence and trust FenceTrac to make your vision a reality

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Building a horizontal composite fence is a rewarding endeavor that elevates any outdoor space, be it residential or commercial.

A carefully crafted composite fence serves as a durable enhancement for any property, lasting for years to come.

Request a quick online quote today for your upcoming fencing project! 

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