Build a Modern Cattle Panel Fence: The Complete DIY Guide

Published April 24, 2024 | Last updated May 28, 2024

Are you considering a cattle panel fence for your property?

You are certainly in the right place.

Perhaps you have commercial or agricultural land requiring a barrier…

Or maybe you want to build a modern cattle panel fence for your backyard or around your retail or entertainment complex.

4-Foot Hog Wire Cattle Panel Fence Black Metal Frame

And you’re looking for a fence that doesn’t obstruct the view.

Cattle panel fences, an alternative to chain link fences, can be crafted in a wide range of styles and designs.

In this guide, we’ll explore various options for building a cattle panel fence.

We’ll also introduce a fence kit that simplifies the construction of a cattle panel fence.

But first, let’s go over the basics.

What is a Cattle Panel Fence?

A cattle panel fence is a variation of welded wire fence that includes intersecting metal rods welded together and hot-dip galvanized for defense against corrosion. Typically framed in wood or metal for strength, cattle panel fences have become a popular modern fence alternative.

Cattle panel fence panels were initially designed for farm use to confine cattle and other animals within a designated area.

Due to their original purpose, these panels are very strong and sturdy.

Technically, a cattle panel has smaller openings at the bottom and larger openings at the top whereas sheep and horse panels have consistently sized openings from top to bottom.

Below are two common panel sizes.

For contemporary fence applications…

A variety of fence panels, often termed as cattle panel fences (or hog wire fence) are available in an array of materials ranging from traditional galvanized welded wire to black woven wire panels.

In the current fence market.

Cattle panel fences are as commonly employed for enclosing a backyard pool or patio as they are for confining animals.

Cattle Panel vs. Welded Wire

What distinguishes a cattle panel from a welded wire fence?

Although the terms are frequently used interchangeably, a cattle panel fence is a specific type of welded wire fence.

Welded wire fences, besides cattle panels, come in an array of wire thicknesses, opening sizes, colors, and so on.

At times, welded wire is available in long rolls, especially when it’s made with lighter gauge materials.

In other instances, welded wire comes as rigid panels.

Products labeled as cattle panels, sheep panels, and horse panels are all flat and rigid.

Traditionally, cattle panel fencing served to confine animals within a designated area.

However, current applications span from decorative residential fencing to commercial security fencing and beyond.

Cattle Panel Fence Design Options

An essential aspect to consider about cattle panel fences is that they require a frame at the top, bottom, and sides for support.

The panels alone aren’t rigid enough to stand independently and maintain sturdiness across the top and bottom.

This necessitates the creation of some form of support to hold them in place.

For animal confinements, these are generally affixed to wooden or metal posts.


Our discussion will focus on modern fence design.

Hog Panel Wood Framed

This is where most property owners opt to construct a frame from metal or wood.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wood frames are more affordable, but they are prone to rotting after a few years, requiring replacement.

Metal frames, while the initial cost is hire, resist rot and should last for several more decades.

For a custom metal-framed fence…

You might need to engage a welder to have the panels custom-made to fit your fence’s requisite height and width.

This isn’t ideal for most scenarios.

So, what could be a viable alternative?

We have an excellent solution for a strong metal fence that we’ll explore shortly.

We are going to introduce a metal fence frame kit that simplifies the process of building a cattle panel fence, resulting in a top-performing, visually appealing fence.

Modern Cattle Panel Fence Ideas

There are a range of cattle panel fence design ideas…

So vast that listing them all would be nearly impossible.

However, we’ve hand-picked a few outstanding examples to share with you.

Let’s start with this.

Here is a white cattle panel fence that creates a boundary around a designated amusement park space, exuding a fresh, professional look.

Commercial Hog Wire Cattle Panel Fence


We’re looking at a cattle panel fence with black metal frame used at a commercial parking lot.

4-Foot Hog Wire Cattle Panel Fence Black Frame

Here’s a great view of cattle panel framed fencing and walk-through gate outside an office building.

These commercial properties require a stronger alternative than a cattle panel wood fence.

4-Foot Hog Wire Cattle Panel Fence Gate

Cattle panel fences can be employed for containing cattle of course.

Along with horses, sheep, hogs or other livestock within your farm or ranch.

Hog Wire Fence to Keep Animals In

Or to safeguard visitors from potentially hazardous areas, and more.

These are merely a few of the potential applications using a cattle panel diy fence kit.

If you do love the idea of wood and metal fencing…

Take a look at this unique 4-foot wood and chain link ranch rail fence design by FenceTrac.

It could provide a fantastic substitute to building a cattle panel fence.

Wood & Chain Link Fence

Where You Can Install a Cattle Panel Fence

Wondering where you could set up a cattle panel fence?

The options are wide-ranging.

These fences lend a great visual appeal in numerous different settings.

Interested in a few examples?

Consider replacing a chain link fence in your backyard with a cattle panel fence.

Hog Wire Farm Fence

It can also be used to encompass an employee parking lot or a commercial storage area.

Cattle panel fences serve as perfect dividers in spaces where orderly queues are desired.

Here’s an elegant cattle panel fence serving as a short patio wall at a riverside brewery.

Hog Wire Fence Patio Railing

Contemporary-style apartment balconies can be enhanced with black or white cattle panel fence sections.

Incorporate them alongside railings or adjacent to stairs.

You could create an animal enclosure or horse corral.

Horse Corral Hog Wire Panel

Even dog kennels and pet play zones can be effectively bounded with this type of fencing.

Taller cattle panel fences work well as barriers for apartment or community swimming pools.

And, naturally…

You can still employ them for their original purpose.

In horse paddocks or equestrian properties, and around other livestock.

How to Build a Cattle Panel Fence With a Kit

Now, let’s examine the FenceTrac fence frame kit.

Building a cattle panel fence with this kit is simpler than you may envision.

FenceTrac is an innovative solution designed to simplify the construction of stylish and contemporary custom fences.

This patented fencing system boasts a unique U-channel frame design.

Side channels are affixed to metal posts using self-tapping screws.

FenceTrac Assembly Detail

Each cattle panel fence panel is held securely in place inside a bolt-together metal frame that attaches to the top and bottom of each side channel.

In fact,

There are only four bolts per frame.

You’ll want to embed your posts in concrete.


Use our surface mounted posts to bolt your fence to concrete or to install a fence on a retaining wall.

When it comes right down to it…

The patented FenceTrac fence kit is much easier than trying to design or build your own frames.

While still giving you a solid cattle panel fence that is sturdy enough for a variety of uses.

The Cost of a Cattle Panel Fence

Now that we’ve covered the basics of cattle panel fence options, let’s talk about cost.

And lifetime value.

When building a wood frame cattle panel fence, you need to consider the lifetime value.

With wood, you’ve got maintenance an upkeep to protect the longevity of your fence.

If you choose to build a custom cattle panel fence with a metal frame, you may need to hire a welder for installation.

No Welding Required

However, with FenceTrac, you can install the entire project without welding at all.

FenceTrac fence frames offer simple assembly with self-tapping screws and bolts.

At FenceTrac, we can help you with a complete fence package including: cattle panels, FenceTrac frame kits, and gates. Cattle panel fencing is a special order item for us, and it’s best to call us for a complete quote.

To get a rough estimate, click the here to request a quote to price FenceTrac frame kits.

It’s simple. Enter the fence length and select “no infill” and get an instant price for the fence frame without cattle panels included. Then call us to get the pricing with cattle panels and shipping included.

You can even buy one of our gate kits for your cattle panel fence.

Where to Buy Cattle Fence Panels

If you’re looking to buy traditional cattle fence panels locally, there are numerous places that sell them.

Here are a few places to buy cattle panel.

  • Lowes has them in stock in many locations around the country.
  • Home Depot sells welded wire panels as well.
  • Tractor Supply locations sell lots of quality cattle fence panels.
  • Atwoods a regional farm and ranch store, sells cattle panels in varying sections and styles.
  • Wild Hog offers panels in a variety of thickness and color options.
  • Any local farm and ranch supply store will likely carry cattle panel, hog wire, sheep panels.

In addition to these, you can always try your local feed store.

Many carry this type of fencing for agricultural use and have decent pricing.

Check Out What Else You Can Do With FenceTrac

If you’re not 100% set on cattle panel fencing, you might consider some other options.

FenceTrac accommodates infill materials of up to 1-inch thick.

Design your fence with vertical or horizontal slats.

Design a Retaining Wall Fence

While we don’t supply cattle panels, we do offer cedar wood and PVC infill options.

But some property owners supply their own as well.

Using the Fencetrac system, fences can be design with a variety of materials such as:

  • Western red cedar
  • Eastern red cedar
  • Cypress boards
  • Treated pine
  • Ipe boards
  • Wood pallets
  • Barn wood
  • Vinyl planks
  • Composite planks
  • PVC planks
  • Hardie board
  • Metal screen
  • Wood rails
  • Black slats
  • White slats
  • Metal sheets
  • Metal panels
  • Perforated metal
  • Etched metal
  • Lattice panels
  • Wood & iron
  • Welded wire
  • Cattle panels
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Corrugated metal
  • Ribbed metal
  • Stone veneer panels
  • Brick veneer panels
  • Bamboo
  • Wrought iron

Take a look at some of the unique fences that were built using FenceTrac.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to construct a modern cattle panel fence.

You have multiple choices regarding the design of the fence frame and the panels you utilize within the frame.

We strongly advocate for the use of metal for your frame.

Given that you’d want the fence to remain intact for a significant period.

If you’re interested in the FenceTrac system, request an Instant Quote online.

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