FenceTrac today announced a definitive agreement to appoint Perimtec LLC as the worldwide master distributor for the complete line of FenceTrac products.

FenceTrac® is a patented privacy fence system that utilizes U-channel rails to create a steel fence frame that lasts longer and looks better than traditional wood fencing. Fence panel frame kits accept virtually any type of infill material – including wood, composite, metal, glass and more – allowing property owners to create the exact look they want with their privacy fence. The use of high quality steel posts and frame kits provides the end user with a strong, easy to install and easy to maintain fencing system with a 10 year warranty.

“With Perimtec as our master distributor, we’re leveraging their sales and marketing expertise to assist in growing product distribution across North America and beyond. By allowing Perimtec to focus on sales of our products, we can invest more resources into new product development and manufacturing,” said Brett Richison, President of FenceTrac.

Perimtec will continue to sell privacy fence systems direct to homeowners and commercial building contractors as they begin to build a network of resellers across the continent.

“FenceTrac products are uniquely positioned in the market,” said Brett Williams, Co-founder and manager at Perimtec. “The combination of steel posts and frames, combined with a wide array of infill material, is stronger and more durable than ordinary wood fence but significantly less expensive than all metal or stone fencing. Homeowners are currently limited in their choices. FenceTrac changes that.”

Perimtec and FenceTrac are planning to disrupt the fencing industry by showing home owners and commercial property owners that fencing can be more than just a barrier. With new products on the roadmap, Perimtec and FenceTrac are preparing for growth. More information is available at https://www.perimtec.com.

For more information, contact:

FenceTrac Systems, Inc., Brett Richison, 918-282-9834, [email protected], www.fencetrac.com

Perimtec, Brett Williams, 918-808-5769, [email protected], www.perimtec.com

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